Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 24, 2008

Single-Payer, Universal Health Care

Let me start by saying that I’m frustrated that my insurance premiums have gone up every year (through Soccer Dad’s company), while my out-of-pocket and deductibles have also risen. I’m not particularly happy that I’ll be getting a couple thousand dollars in medical bills from my hospital stay just before Christmas. (Still trying to figure out how we’ll pay for it, but we’re working on that.)

At the same time, I dread the idea that Hillary or Obama or Edwards would force all of America into a universal health care plan. I’ve been reading articles for years about the slow and steady breakdown of the National Healthcare Systems in the UK and Canada, and I have heard the stories my mother has told about her experiences as an Army wife (I was born at Fort Bragg).

And yet most people still don’t know just how bad things can be for those who are stuck with similar systems. Long waits for emergency tests, which delay treatment that could save lives, which means the treatments are not as effective.

I sometimes wonder just how long I would have had to wait for a CT scan if I were in Canada instead of Virginia. Would it have been days? Even days would have risked gastric necrosis, or the death of a portion of my intestinal tract. That can actually be life-threatening. (Already, I’d had stomach pains and such for more than a month, which I’d been chalking up to severe stress.)

Today, though, Secondhand Smoke points out an article that just documents the further deterioration of the NHS in the UK.

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