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New Tag on an Old Post

I get my comments for this blog emailed to me from Haloscan. Today, I got a new comment on a post from two years ago. I’d like to write a more detailed answer to the commenter, but I’ll bring the most recent comment here, along with my own answer to it. (It is, after all, a post from February 2006!)

The original post can be found here.

The most recent comment was this:

Jesus in his infinite(literally infinite) wisdom and love never mentions or condemns homosexuality. Did it slip god’s mind,Did he forget to condemn the 10 percent of humanity that he created as homosexual?

One thing he did not forget to say was “Judge Not, Lest ye be judged” he also remembered to say “Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

Now if you are one of those ill advised folks who says thigs like…”the bible is god’s word and we can not choose to believe somethings and not believe the parts we disagree with…” That usually is said right before someone uses an obscure bible verse to back up their bigoted and hateful beliefs.But except in cases of extreme ignorance and hatefulness, these same people never quote the bible verses that glorify poligamy, slavery, human sacrifice(Abraham), killing women for their husbands deserting them, giving a widower to the broters of her dead husband to have sex until she concieves a suitable heir. Mass genocide or even the small crime of stoning to death prostitutes and immoral philandering women who cheat on their husbands.

I am not talking about the countless crimes of all religions(catholicism in particular with the pedophile problem and the inquisition) I am only talking about the bible and the things it advocates.

Why do all the bitter housewives with no life and mostly celibate church leaders get to choose what hateful verses to enforce out of a religious text and destroy peoples lives with????? I won’t even get into the prolife question from people who worship a god that killed the first born of all of egypt just to make a point.

Couldn’t all the energy behind your hate filled rhetoric and the obsceneamounts of money that you people spend defending your antiquated and non-jesus based fear mongering be put to God’s use.
-Feed the poor
-minister to the sick and downtrodden
-spread jesus’ message of love
-work for peace and justice
-wash the feet of the world?????

Or just continue to preach a gospel of hate and damnation using fear and pain to enforce your will on the ignorant masses. I pray for you that darkness that surrounds your hearts and souls is lifted and you change your ways before you stand in front of the throne of god and have to explain why you turned his pure light into hate that perverted his teachins and destroyed many souls in the process.Peace
Todd Miller 01.25.08 – 1:02 pm #

My answer to this comment was:

Todd, I’d like to tackle this more in full in the future, but let’s get to a couple of things.

First, the laws against sodomy were not lifted just because Jesus didn’t mention it, though I’m pretty sure I might find something about it if I looked instead of pulling off the top of my head. Laws of morality stood even after Jesus came. For a clear example of this, see Paul’s letters condemning sexual sins of all kinds.

God did not create us to be homosexuals. Look at Adam and Eve before the Fall for what human beings were supposed to be. To look at the twisted nature of humans after the Fall (and every one of us is twisted in some way because of Original Sin) and try to justify sinful behavior is wrong-headed.

“Judge not” is used quite often by people who don’t like it when someone points out their sins. (Spiritual Work of Mercy: admonish the sinner) We are actually called to help correct each other when we are wrong. What Jesus said was not to judge someone else’s faults when you have the same fault and do nothing to correct it. (Context, context!) Pulling that one sentence out of context to make a point (“Don’t tell me I’ve done something wrong!”) is exactly what you are trying to accuse me of. Instead of taking the Bible as a whole, those who pull out the “judge not” verse are very often parsing things so they don’t feel guilty for something they’ve done.

There is much in the Old Testament that is not easily understood without reading it in the context of history. For a good course on how to understand the Bible as it was intended to be understood (within history and the culture of the time each book was written), I’d recommend the “Understanding the Scriptures” podcast. It’s free, and it goes through the entire Bible book by book. I’ve gained a great deal of appreciation for Scripture through this course.

I do find it ironic that you, in trying to defend the homosexual lifestyle (as opposed to someone who struggles with same-sex attractions and remains celibate – this is not a sin), bring up the sex abuse scandal. The perpetrators of these crimes were pretty much all homosexuals. Now for this:

Why do all the bitter housewives with no life and mostly celibate church leaders get to choose what hateful verses to enforce out of a religious text and destroy peoples lives with?????

“Bitter housewife”? And you told me “judge not”? I am not bitter at all, just to let you know. I’m living happily within my vocation, and I desire nothing more than what I have in life. Okay, so I’d like to pay off my debts, but aside from that, I couldn’t ask for more. It hardly destroys someone’s life, either, for me to point out Church teachings, which have been consistent for 2000 years. We all have free will.

Now, finally, the comments you made about:

-Feed the poor
-minister to the sick and downtrodden
-spread jesus’ message of love
-work for peace and ju

…and I just realized that the end of my comment was cut off. (crap)

Well, I listed the Corporal Works of Mercy, which all Christians are called to, as well as the Spiritual Works, which we are also called to. I linked to the Catechism’s section on sexuality and pointed out the specific paragraphs on homosexuality (2357-2359). I linked to the Vatican website, where one can look up all the documents that are referenced in the Catechism. (I was trusting I didn’t need to link to the Bible, but I did mention that the Catechism is cross-referenced not only to Church documents but also to the Bible itself.) All that was cut off.

Stupid Haloscan and the limited comments. 😛 Ah, well. It’s free.

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