Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 30, 2008

GOP Race

McCain won in Florida, though his margin wasn’t huge if you ask me. (Hey, you’re reading my blog…you kind of did ask me.)

Rudy lost big, as if that’s a surprise.

Rudy seems set to endorse McCain now.

I’m already very shaky about McCain, what with the free-speech-hating, embryo-destroying, illegal-alien-supporting, tax-cut-hating, thinks-it’s-the-government’s-money platform he’s got.

Rudy endorsing him just might scare me off of McCain completely.

Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee are much more consistent on pro life issues, and Paul never met a tax hike he liked. Oh, and did you notice that Ron Paul also was at the March for Life?

I have one word for this presidential race: ugh.

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