Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

Today is the BIG DAY for politicians. It’s Super Tuesday, a day on which no fewer than 24 states will have primaries. We’ll probably dry out both Sharpies tomorrow filling in our chart!

My own state’s primary will not be until next Tuesday, at which time I may have no choices. But I’ve decided that if Paul is still on the ticket – as strange as a few of his stances might be – he’s got my vote. He is the one candidate that is most consistently in line with Catholic teachings.

Some people think that I am throwing away a vote by not voting for someone who “can win” in November. But it’s more important to me to remain loyal to the Catholic faith than it is to “pick someone who can win.” If everyone voted their conscience instead of making the election some kind of marketing campaign where you pick what consumers will like best (instead of what you like best), I bet Paul would have been doing better. Or Huckabee (who I prefer for his Pro Life stances over McCain and Romney). These days, we seem to be focused on voting for other people’s likes and dislikes instead of our own. Who says Americans are individualists? Lately, we’re more like a bunch of ad managers! I have actually seen people write and heard people say things like, “I really like Ron Paul (or Huckabee or Brownback or Romney), but I don’t think he can win in November, so I’m voting for John McCain.” What sense does THAT make??

The other thing that’s been bugging me is the strange criticism of Romney. No, not for his flip-flops on life issues (people are allowed to have a conversion moment, folks, and his might very well be sincere). The criticism I see leveled against him is because he’s “not exciting” like other candidates.

Are we looking for someone to throw a party or someone of moral character who will lead in the country?

And I’m surprised at some of the people I see saying that, too! You’d think we would work to not be addicted to excitement, but instead we are looking for excitement in our president.

You know what? I don’t care if he’s boring on camera. Or when he gives speeches. I want someone with moral character who agrees that life ought to be protected and marriage ought to be protected and the government ought to stay out of my busienss as much as possible.

I have more caution about Romney because of his health care/insurance plans for the country wherein every person in the country is required to carry insurance. Did he drop that plank, or is everyone against him for not being exciting or because they don’t think he’ll win?

On the other hand, Romney also supports vouchers and tax write-offs for homeschoolers. (You know that if I were teaching in public school, I would be able to write of anything I bought for my classroom, but I am not allowed to write off the expenses for homeschooling, as small as they are?)

We’ll see how things shake out after today, but rest assured, I’m not voting for “someone who can win in November” next week. I’ll be voting for someone I can support.

And you should, too.

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