Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 20, 2008

Who Would Benedict Vote For?

The Catholic Knight (kaaaaaaaaniggit!) has a link to an article that points out the Holy Father’s three-point voting guide:

  1. “Pro-Life”
  2. “Pro-Family”
  3. “School-Choice”

Whoa! Simple!

And, lucky me, I’m already thinking in those lines. (Whew!)

Read more at the Catholic Knight’s (kaaaaaaaaaaaniggit!) blog, here. He’s got more details and a link to the original article, which was posted by him late last year!

Hat tip: Esther

PS: Can you tell I like saying “kaaaaaaaaaaaniggit!”? I wish we had enough space on our K of C license plates for KANIGGIT. But we don’t. Phooey.

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