Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 21, 2008

"That’s a Problem, Isn’t It?"

Chris Matthews stumps Obama supporter Senator Kirk Watson when he asks just what the senator has accomplished in his three years in Congress.

And exactly what does Obama plan on doing if he wins? Who knows? It’s all about being “inspiring” and “uplifting” and that emotional stuff. Oh, and vague. Don’t leave that out. Because that just might be the most important part of his campaign. (After his strong support for abortion and infanticide.)

Don’t forget that Barak Obama did everything he could to be sure that the Illinois version of the Born Alive Infant Protection Act never saw the floor of the Illinois legislature. He voted against it even coming to a vote.

What exactly does the Born Alive Infant Protection Act (now a federal law signed by President Bush) do? It requires that if a baby miraculously survives an abortion, the child must receive medical attention rather than be left to die. Listen as Jill Stanek discusses the situation at the hospital where she used to work. (This is from September 2000.)

If you go to Jill Stanek’s site, you can see the progression (or lack thereof) of the Illinois bill from 2000 through 2003. Obama blocked it at every turn, finally blocking even a committee vote on the measure the last time it was brought up. She’s also got links to the transcripts of his speeches against the bill.

Those of you who are Catholic and are considering a vote for Obama, consider this:

What kind of man opposes this kind of bill – one that even NARAL came up neutral on? What kind of person opposes giving a human being medical care?

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