Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 29, 2008

Wild About Harry, or Wild About Gossip About Harry?

What is the matter with people that they are willing to reveal this, and what is wrong with those who are clamoring for the information that they are demanding it be revealed to them? Does anyone care about the man’s safety at all? Or that of his battalion?

And why – oh why? – are we opining on how “hot” Prince Harry is? Or if he’ll get to be “out from his brother’s shadow”? (Thanks, Fox and Friends, for proving once again that you aren’t above tabloid journalism.) Maybe the guy just wants to be a soldier, like royalty of old who would go into battle for their kingdoms. Maybe he doesn’t want the spotlight. Maybe his brother doesn’t, either.

What on earth is this bizarre obsession with the British royal family, anyway? Seriously. It’s not like anyone seems to actually care about these people; they simply want to be voyeurs into their lives. Peeping toms. Rubberneckers. It’s a bit disgusting, especially when something like this happens. Now his whole unit is a bit less stable, a bit less safe, because everyone wants to know things that, frankly, they’ve got no business knowing.

[image source: John Stillwell, AP]

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