Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 18, 2008


When the Democrats punished Florida and Michigan for moving up their primaries (because we all care SO MUCH what Iowa and New Hampshire think!), the only Democrat to appear in Florida and be included on the Michigan ballot was Hillary Clinton.

Everyone said (rightly) that she considered it an insurance policy. Just in case that Obama guy did well enough to be a threat.

At first, she acted as though it wasn’t that important. Maybe Barack will jsut be my VP nominee. (Yeah, my girls said, because it makes so much sense for the person in first place to give up so he can be the VP instead of the president!)

But now, they are all-out campaigning to seat those delegates. Because those voters in Florida and Michigan are so disenfranchised!

That makes it sound like it’s all the GOP’s fault, you know, especially in Florida where there is a history of that claim (not actual instances, mind you, just the claim) and where Charlie Crist has said that if the Democrats want a Mulligan, they’ll have to figure out a way to pay for it themselves. Floridians aren’t made of money, and they aren’t going to pay for another primary just because the Democrats didn’t want to count the votes cast in the first one.

Now, the GOP punished the same two states, but only by taking away a portion of the delegates, not by taking them all away. So the people who voted in both states have some say in the nomination, though not as much as they might have before. But how many Democrats in those two states did not realize that their votes were going to count for nothing? (Of course, they should have been paying attention, but that’s not really our society’s strong suit, is it?)

So, tell me this …

Which party is it that disenfranchises the voters?

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