Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 19, 2008

Trinity United Church of Christ

In my research on the videos (which all seem to be from the news, uploaded by various people), I decided to go straight to the website of Trinity United Church of Christ. I watched this video (new, I think, on the “About Us” page), and was thiking, “Okay…here’s a lady talking about why she and her husband attend this church. (Given that one of the points in the ten-point vision of the church is “A congregation with a non-negotiable COMMITMENT TO AFRICA,” I found it interesting that she’s white. But that’s just me.)

However, I was surprised that the video is actually a campaign tool of Barack Obama’s campaign. Watch it and notice the URL at the end.
And some Catholic priests talk as though they couldn’t speak out against abortion and gay marriage and embryonic stem cell research during election season for fear of losing their tax-exempt status?

I know they are on a bit of a PR campaign, and things are most likely not as bad as the news makes it look (you can cut and paste a Catholic Mass and make us look bad, too), but I am quite surprised at the blatant use of a campaign video/commercial on the church’s website.

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