Posted by: Christine Johnson | April 9, 2008

Hillary and Sam

Hillary is probably going to take some heat over her association with Wal-Mart. I see it as just another example of her duplicity – she’s willing to say anything to be elected, and so we have no idea (or little idea) what she actually believes. She’s like a mirror – she’s going to show you whatever you want her to show you by mirroring your beliefs.

That is what I see as wrong with her Wal Mart associations in the past. NRO says there’s some video footage of her from way back when she was “proud” of the company that the liberal Left love to hate. Today she calls it a “mixed blessing.”

I think that the only people who will be upset at the idea of her liking Wal Mart at all will be elitists, and her calling it a mixed blessing is going to allow her to tell those people, “Yeah, Wal Mart does bad stuff,” while at the same time telling ordinary Americans – the people who shop at Wal Mart because their milk is 50 cents cheaper than the grocery store next door and their T-shirts are $4 each in the kids’ departments – that Wal Mart does some good for them. (Hey, I know Wal Mart does some good for me and millions of others.)

But I really do honestly think that only those die-hard Wal Mart haters are going to be upset over her past association with the company. Most people will either (a) not care, or (b) not even know.

Come on … you know the average person barely knows what’s going on in the political world. In spite of Good Morning America:

Mind you, this piece is just as much a hit piece on Wal Mart as it is on Hillary Clinton, and I do not think Wal Mart is the evil force that the elites seem to think it is. I shop there all the time, and am grateful for the money I can save as well as for the almost always friendly people who work there. (Though I do know that it’s quite easy to get very materialistic while wandering through the sale aisles…)

But if Hillary is, by some miracle, the nominee for the Democrats (I still think it’s going to be Obama, and that he’s going to win in November, too), this won’t do much to her. First, it’s early in the year, so people will forget. Second, it’s politics, so the majority of folks just don’t care and won’t pay attention to it.

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