Posted by: Christine Johnson | April 10, 2008

Bloggers Being Sued

But you can help out.

Richard Warman, enemy of free speech in Canada, is now suing several bloggers in addition to Mark Steyn, because they say stuff he doesn’t like.

You can help these bloggers pay their legal fees, which will most likely run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Kathy Shaidle has a PayPal button for donations at this post. If you can, please help her out. And keep them all in your prayers, too. (Check my sidebar for a link to Steyn, who has been chronicling his ordeal with the kangaroo court of the Canadian Human Rights Commission – which is about just about anything BUT supporting human rights.) Ezra Levant will be updating about the lawsuit here, and Kathy recommends that you check there for updates daily.

Again, help if you can with a donation, and definitely help with prayers if monetary support isn’t an option for you. (Because, contrary to popular belief, prayer is doing something.)

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