Posted by: Christine Johnson | April 11, 2008

Funny Political Moments

I’m looking for some levity, people. I feel quite jaded at the moment, and I’m, frankly, a bit busy lately. But the Campaign Spot has some goodies this morning. First, let’s look at what McCain did on American Idol. (I haven’t been watching this year at all.)

Like last night’s “American Idol.” Hillary, Obama, and McCain taped appearances. It sounds like there was a mix-up with the Obama campaign, as he referred to events that are scheduled for tomorrow night as “tonight.” Not a big deal, but he and Hillary offered standard-issue hooray-for-charity-work mini-speeches.

McCain did that, but more: “‘American Idol’ is a lot like a presidential primary election. Except for people in Michigan and Florida — their votes actually count.”

Zing. Think about how many completely apolitical people watch American Idol, who have completely tuned out the details of the presidential race, who will likely ask their friends/fellow Idol watchers what that meant. They’ll learn about the mess on the Democratic side, and how they’re set to have only 48 states represented at their convention, while the Republicans worked out the issue on their side quickly and fairly equitably.

Finally, McCain added: “Then, at the end McCain said he had to get back to work on his immigration reform bill — and British judge Simon Cowell better watch out.”

I don’t care who you are … that’s funny.

And then there’s this animated political cartoon, lampooning Obama’s cult-like followers. (I wish I could embed it, but, alas! I cannot.)

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