Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 12, 2008

Bush No More

Jenna Bush (now Hagar) was married over the weekend. Congratulations! (Yeah, I’m so sure the Bush family will see that!)

This comment at The Corner reminded me of something:

Just a short note about the weekend wedding: It was a little push-back against celebrity chic. By virtue of being the president’s daughter, she could have had a circus. Instead, she married the man she loves near home with her family — the dad who happens to be president, but got to be just her dad for a ceremony (I’m thinking they didn’t play Hail to the Chief) — and friends. Good for her and congrats.

It reminded me of a comment made on Fox and Friends on Saturday morning- not one of the brightest things their weekend crew has said. Not that that says a lot, either. The weekend is so full of fluff now, it might as well be a stuffed animal. None of the “achors” come across as all that bright. Brian Kilmeade – who makes the weekday shows fun by playing the dunderhead – looks like Einstein by comparison. No offense, Brian, because judging by the way you acted when your son’s soccer team brought you a cake with your wife and daughters in tow, you are a first-class man. (Oh, come on, readers, if the Bushes are reading, why wouldn’t Brian?)

Anyway, back to Saturday morning’s Fox and Fluff. One of them made the comment that the Bushes hadn’t invited John McCain to Jenna’s wedding. They seemed to think it strange.

Um, NEWSFLASH, dummies! (Or should I make that a FOX ALERT?)

It was a family event. When I got married I did not invited the head waitress at TGI Fridays or any of my professors from school. I did not invite my counselor from Flagler College. My husband did not invited the DM for his company. We invited family and close friends. We invited people we’d known since childhood and cousins from afar.

Why on earth would the Bushes invited John McCain??!!??

It is NOT all about politics in the real world. Everyone has (or ought to have) a life away from that insanity. I think it’s healthy that President Bush does, don’t you? I get the distinct feeling that come next January 21st, he’ll disappear from the political scene, only to come out if Jeb runs. No matter what you think of his politics, at least when he’s gone from the Oval Office, he’ll be really gone. It won’t be Bill Clinton all over again.

So good for the Bush family for being down-to-earth and having a normal wedding, just like any other 26-year-old might have.

That’s the way it should be.

[White House photo snagged from Fox News’ site]

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