Posted by: Christine Johnson | May 29, 2008

So There are Fewer Poor People to Help?

That’s my best guess as to why the Sarasota affiliate of Habitat for Humanity would partner with Planned Parenthood so that PP could attain a building permit.

Zoning ordinances prevented Planned Parenthood from opening an abortion clinic in the Rosemary district of Sarasota, Fla. They did, that is, until Habitat for Humanity’s Sarasota affiliate stepped in to help out.

By agreeing to purchase Planned Parenthood’s land for $10 and build housing on a portion of it, Habitat for Humanity enabled Planned Parenthood to bypass a city requirement that had been preventing the organization from obtaining an occupancy permit.

Planned Parenthood’s dilemma stemmed from city ordinances that required a multifamily “liner” building be constructed at the back of the property before Planned Parenthood could open a clinic at the front. The organization had been unable to secure a builder to meet the requirement…until they found Habitat for Humanity.

Representatives of both Planned Parenthood and Habitat for Humanity Sarasota attended the May 5th Sarasota City Commission meeting to present their plan for appeasing the zoning laws: Habitat would receive the property at almost no cost; the city would get its multifamily liner building; and Planned Parenthood would be allowed to open its facility.

[source: WorldNetDaily, click through for full article]

Note: Please take note that these are the actions of the local affiliate of Habitat for Humanity, not the organization as a whole.

Notice that no one was willing to help Planned Parenthood out with building housing near their abortion mill. It’s only by trickery (lying on building permit applications), underhanded dealings (appealing to a rogue Habitat group to build nearby), and force by lawsuit (to overturn the will of the people if that will doesn’t agree with what they hold dear: namely, abortion on demand at every stage of pregnancy for girls and women off all ages) that Planned Parenthood is able to accomplish anything these days. Their agenda of abortion on demand, hiding sexual activity of minors from parents, and promoting a lifestyle that is a great part of the Culture of Death is not a popular one.

Of course, our job of changing hearts and minds to achieve a Culture of Life is made easier when the Culture of Death contracept and abort themselves into oblivion, isn’t it? It’s the long way around, but if we fail on every other front in our striving to build that Culture of Life, we know that at the very least they’ll all die out because they just plain aren’t reproducing.
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