Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 3, 2008

Thought for the Day

If the Democrats can’t even follow their own rules (see this story), how can we expect them to hold up the Constitution and laws of this nation?

Are these really the kind of people you want in charge?

Seriously.  Look at this portion, which highlights some of the strangeness in the DNC:

Clinton and her supporters wanted the Michigan and Florida delegations fully restored, according to January primaries that she won. But those contests were not recognized by the party because they were held too early, and both candidates agreed at the time they would not count.

But as Clinton tried to catch up to Obama’s delegate lead, she has argued that the votes of the 2.3 million people who participated in the elections must be recognized.

Obama supporters argued that they did compromise by allowing her to take the majority of delegates in two contests where he didn’t campaign.

The sticking point was Michigan, where Obama’s name was not on the ballot.

Clinton’s camp insisted Obama shouldn’t get any pledged delegates in Michigan since he chose not to put his name on the ballot, and she should get 73 pledged delegates with 55 uncommitted. Obama’s team insisted the only fair solution was to split the pledged delegates in half between the two campaigns, with 64 each.

Notice that only Clinton had her name on the ballot in Michigan (all other candidates withdrew when the DNC said their delegates would not be counted).  And that she agreed the delegates would not be counted.  The only choice aside from Clinton was “Uncommitted” and “Denis Kucinich.”  (And “Uncommitted” beat Kucinich.  I find that kind of sad.)

The GOP punished those two states, too.  They said that each delegate was going to get only half a vote at the convention, and everyone campaigned in both states.  That way no was was disenfranchised.  But the DNC set things up for the perfect disenfranchisement.  How many people showed up that day to vote, clueless that their vote wasn’t set to count as anything?

Far be it from me to want Obama to win – I think he’ll be tougher to beat than Hillary Clinton – but this is just ridiculous.  She’s like the schoolyard bully to the DNC’s Kindergartners.  They’re all still afraid of her, and so she pushes them around.

Mark my words, though, we’ll see an Obama/Clinton ticket in the Fall.  (And I’ve said that before.)  The success of the party and the acquisition of power are worth far more than their own personal beliefs.
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