Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 26, 2008

Not Falling Off the Face of the Earth…Really!

I’m about to get busy here, since Obama has picked his VP candidate (a Catholic who is pro-choice), and the DNC’s Convention is underway.  I’m still trying to make sure we get some school work done, working 20 hours/week, getting the girls to soccer, ballet starts next week, and I’ve got some online learning I need to take care of this week.  I’ve got some commentary that is ruminating in my head, though, and an award to answer about (thanks, Christina!).  

I’m also gearing up for a vacation that our family is taking to celebrate our 15th anniversary, which I’m very excited about.  Details on that will be at Domestic Vocation, though.  
I’m also considering letting the girls write here a little bit as guests.  I want their opinions on the politics going on with the DNC.
Anyway, we’ll be getting busier, and I’ll be reading the speeches from last night and commenting, especially on Michelle Obama’s speech, as I think that women have great influence on their husbands.  A friend of mine liked to say that while a man is the head of the house, his wife is the neck.  😉
Stay tuned…

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