Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 29, 2008

Sarah, Palin and Tall

The more she talks, the more I like her.  And that’s pretty rare for a politician.

This gives me a bit of hope for McCain.  Now if he can get straight on ESCR and gay “marriage,” maybe he’ll move from the “no way” list to the “maybe yes” list.
Seriously, Governor Palin is great.  And you’ve got to just laugh at a campaign that says that McCain made a mistake picking someone who is now “a heartbeat away” from being president because she hasn’t got foreign policy experience.  I saw that and thought, “Really, Senator Obama?  You’re going to criticize the VP candidate for lack of foreign policy experience?  Or any experience, for that matter??”
Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe Obama got a lot of foreign policy experience in his 140 days or so in the Senate before he announced he’d like to be in charge.

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