Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 3, 2008

Is Sarah Palin a Hypocrite?

Some people seem rather concerned about Sarah Palin being a hypocrite.  She’s got a knocked up daughter!  Ha!  Where’s those “family values” you conservatives pride yourselves on?  I actually heard a man (Ed Somthingorother) on Larry King Live say Palin is a bad mother because of this!  (The audacity!  Even mild-mannered Soccer Dad said, “WHAT??!!??” at that comment!)

What the Left-leaning complainers here don’t seem to understand is that this entire situation demonstrates exactly the family values that we champion.  No, not the premarital sex.  (And I call it that because Bristol will be marrying the young man whose baby she carries – and that was already decided before she discovered she was pregnant.)  What shows those family values is the familial support for Bristol, her fiance, and their unborn child.  The mere fact that she told her parents at all shows the love and support that family has for each other.  How many girls in Bristol’s situation would have been frightened to tell, sneaking off, instead, to Planned Parenthood for an abortion without their knowledge or consent?  How many grandchildren have been snuffed out without the grandparents ever even knowing that child existed?  
Obviously, this isn’t what the Palins had in mind for their daughter.  You can see that in the wording of Governor Palin’s announcement about the subject.  However, family values – Pro Life values – mean that when an unexpected pregnancy comes up, you love that mother and that baby and you deal with it.  Dealing with it, by the way, means helping that mom bring that beautiful baby into the world and raise him.  It does not mean you slink away and “take care of it” by aborting that baby.
So you see, there is no disconnect between Sarah Palin’s pro life views and her daughter being pregnant, keeping the baby, and marrying the father.  When something like an unexpected pregnancy comes up, pro lifers welcome the baby, even if the circumstances aren’t ideal.  Because every child – planned or not – is a blessing to us all, and every child – planned or not – is a wanted child.  So welcoming this child into the Palin family is not hypocritical – it’s the natural thing to do!

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