Posted by: Christine Johnson | September 30, 2008

Debate Notes

I haven’t said much about our homeschool unit on the election.  Frankly, there was a big dull spot in the middle of the summer, but I’ve still got three out of four speeches saved up, and we watched most of the debate with the girls.  Little Girl pooped out pretty quickly, so she didn’t see much of it.  But Big Girl stayed up for most of it, and her comment as I tucked her into bed was, “I don’t think that Senator Obama was respectful enough to Senator McCain.”

“Why’s that?”

“Well, Mr. McCain always called him ‘Senator Obama,’ but Mr. Obama only called him ‘John.’  I don’t think that showed very much respect.”

Lo and behold!  Even Fox & Friends discussed that observation the next day!  (Side note: I’d love it if someone can track down the video of the discussion of it from Friday morning.  Leave a comment with the link if you find it.  Thanks!)

So, in Big Girl’s eyes, McCain won the debate simply because he has better manners.

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