Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 2, 2008

Who’s Normal?

In Entertainment Weekly, Jon Stewart makes a comment that Sarah Palin is not really like normal people.  “She’s not like me at all,” was the general idea, or at least that she is not like a common person in this country.  (See the second question, about her being “like us.”)

I’ve got news for Mr. Stewart: YOU are not a normal person, dude.  You get paid obscene amounts of money to sit around and crack wise about other people.  That is not normal.  It’s not even a real job by most standards.  
Normal people are those of us who shop at Wal Mart, get our hair done for under $50 (gosh, I spend about $25 including tip on mine when I get around to it), go to church on Sunday mornings, worry about gas prices because we’ve got to drive across town for soccer twice a week, and budget for stuff like ballet costumes carefully.  We even hunt (or know someone who does), or ride around on ATVs and snowmobiles.  We have kids and families who aren’t perfect.  We’re happily married, sometimes to our high school sweethearts.  After 15 or 20 years, our hearts go pitter patter at them.  
Normal people don’t do what you do.  Just being interviewed for EW disqualifies you as a normal person. 
So, no, she’s not like you.  But she is like me, and lots of other people I know.  And that’s why we like her.  (That, and her political stances rock hard like early Van Halen.)




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