Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 3, 2008

Things I Wish Palin Did Last Night

  1. 1.  When Biden said that bit about his friend not knowing how much it costs to fill his tank with gas because he couldn’t do it, I wish Sarah Palin said, “Joe, how about your tank?  I know you don’t have a problem with filling it.  What do you spend to fill your gas tank?”  Then pop off how much it costs to fill the Palinmobile.  (Since she drove herself to work as governor, I’m sure she knows how much it costs her family to do that.)  Seriously, I’ll be Biden has no idea what he spends on gas, if he actually drives himself at all.
  2. When she was evasive, I wish she were more smooth about it.  I love Palin, but I was feeling depressed that she was obviously changing the subject on her answers at times.  Biden has more experience being evasive, so he was smoother about it.  For example, the Achilles heel thing: she ignored the question and talked about her strengths without even pretending it was her weakness.  Soccer Dad said that she should have said her Achilles heel was that she was a Washington outsider and would probably need to learn how things work in Washington because she’s not used to such partisanship.  (Wouldn’t that have been a great answer?)  But she just kind of talked about their strengths.  It annoyed me.  However, I thought Biden blew it just as badly.  He gave the Michael Scott answer.  (See 2:57 in the clip below.)

  3. I kind of wish she would call John McCain just “John” or even “Senator McCain.”  She says his name in full every time she refers to him.  I don’t know why, but it kind of bugs me.
On the other hand I also wish that they’d have turned her mic off or down before and after the debate.  I don’t know if her voice is just louder or what, but you couldn’t hear Biden and Iffil the way you could hear Palin.  I don’t know if someone thought they’d try to catch her saying something in an off-guard moment (they didn’t, she was being polite in her greetings and thank you’s during those times) or if it was just an oversight, but you could hear her plain as day over the TV well after the debate (all the way until she was at Gwen’s table), as well as from the moment she came out onstage and asked Senator Biden, “Can I call you Joe?”  (At least she asked, when Senator Obama did not do the same of Senator McCain.)

I’ll tell you one thing, though.  Biden, in a totally unguarded moment, nearly broke up when he was recalling standing at his sons’ bedsides, praying they wouldn’t die.  He did recover quickly, but it looked like an honest-to-goodness, I-can’t-believe-it-still-hits-me-like-that moment.  It must have been a truly horrible time for him.

By the way, fellow Catholics, we’d better be busy praying for the soul of a Catholic who publicly states that he’s glad he blocked Bork because his confirmation would have meant the reversal of some very important cases, especially “Roe v. Wade.”  And also says that the Constitution makes it clear that persons in “homosexual marriage” deserve protection.  He might have said he was against redefining marriage, but don’t forget that he first called it by that name.

That thing about Roe…that was truly breath-taking.  I thought my head would explode. 




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