Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 7, 2008

Why I Think Trig "Bothers" People

I’ve been mulling over the comment that Barbara Walters made about Trig Palin: that seeing him at the debate “bothered” her.  

You know what bothers me?  It really bothers me that this woman cannot win when it comes to her family.  If she leaves her kids at home, she’s a bad mother.  If she brings them with her, she’s a bad mother.  All those years of liberals saying that a man can care for the family as well as a woman and why can’t she go out and work, too … one big lie.  Only the RIGHT kind of woman should do that, you know.  

But, back to Ms. Walters.  It is something that “bothers” her, and she probably can’t put her finger on it.  But I think I might have some idea.
What bothers her, or at least a lot of these griping liberal women, is that Trig is a loved member of his family.  They all adore him.  He gets love and attention lavished on him.  His parents call him “perfect” and “beautiful.”  His mother cuddles him, his sisters carry him around and hug him, his big sister Piper spit-shines him.  
And he reminds them that he is exceptional.  Not because of his mother, not because of the attention he receives.  
He is exceptional because he is alive when 90% of babies who are diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.  (And a diagnosis isn’t always any kind of guarantee.)  
And his beautiful face, his loving family, his adoring sisters … they all remind us of the tragedy that befalls 9 out of 10 babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome while in the womb.  Murder.
And the idea that they support the right for a woman to kill her unborn child is what is really bothering them.
Pray for their conversion.  The fact that their conscience is bothering them like that is a very good sign.  Their guardian angels have quite obviously not given up on them, so we shouldn’t either.




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