Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 21, 2008


My hairdresser got a kick out of my decision to get bangs again, a la Sarah Palin.  Then I said I wish I could manage to make a beehive out of my shortish hair for Halloween and go as Sarah.

She said she’d do it for free, so I’ve got an appointment at 9:30 that morning.  I’ll post pictures.
Oh, Travel Man is … a secret until the day of.  (His department keeps their costumes and theme a secret – they have won three or four years running in the contest for best department.  They are extremely competitive!)
The girls are Saint Maria Gorretti and Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.  Guess which of my two is the bloodied martyr and which is the queen?  
Hint:  Big Girl was Shelob when Little Girl was Saint Scholastica one year, and the year Little Girl was Cinderella, Big Girl was a mummy.



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