Posted by: Christine Johnson | October 30, 2008

First Things First

I wonder how long that speech Father Neuhaus made at Roanoke College was in the making.

How much lead time was to be had there?
And why, when EVERY PRIEST IN THE VALLEY was personally invited to the event by the man who coordinated it (a Lutheran Pastor), was it not announced at all in a single bulletin at a single parish here?  ONE priest showed up: the Maronite pastor from across town.  
Oh, but when Sister Prejean showed up to speak at Roanoke College, it was in our bulletin for at least two weeks.
If I had known, I might have arranged to get the night off from work and go.  But I found out two days before, and only because I read the First Things blog.
I wish I could write to Father Neuhaus and apologize.  I know a lot of people who might have been interested, but it just plain wasn’t talked about or publicized at all.
Oh, and if I had gone, I would have gotten to meet him and sit with him at dinner.  Two of my friends knew, went to the event, and then got to sit with him at the “Catholic table.”
My diocese makes me so crazy, you know?




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