Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 3, 2008

"Under My Plan, Electric Bills Would Skyrocket"

Thanks.  Glad you’re so nonchalant about it.  Maybe that’s because you can afford it.  I love that he’s saying “get those other light bulbs and new appliances.”  As if I haven’t changed light bulbs, or I can afford to drop a few grand on appliances.  Come on!  My dishwasher broke nearly a month ago, and we’re washing dishes by hand here.  And my washer and drier?  Well, they aren’t energy efficient (at least the drier isn’t) because I recycled and bought a used set when we got married.  (The washer actually was replaced about eight years ago or so.  It was about as efficient as they got back then.)

So spare me from your holier-than-thou “change your lightbulbs, buy new appliances, and suck it up to pay ‘skyrocketing’ electric bills” crap.  I’m already wearing a sweater, my tires are properly inflated, and I’m washing dishes by hand, by God!

Hey, I know!  You’re all about spreading the wealth!  I’ll send my electric bills (which will already be going up about 20 to 25% according to recent news around here) directly to you in Illinois.  No, not the White House.  I’ll send it to your personal house, because you’re ready to share your wealth.  
Yeah, thanks!!




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