Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 5, 2008


I told the girls as I tucked them into bed tonight that they witnessed an amazing thing today.  50 years ago, Blacks couldn’t go to school with white kids in the South, nor could they ride in the front of a bus or even sit at a counter and be served lunch.  And yet, tonight, they witnessed a Black man being elected president.

Some day, they’ll be able to tell their children that they remember staying up late when they were little girls and watching as Barack Obama was announced as the first Black president for the United States of America. 
Like him or not, it is an amazing thing.
(Side note, which was certainly not mentioned to the girls: I wonder if this will finally get people off the “racism is inherent in the United States” stuff.  I mean, when we elect a Black man president, are we going to be allowed to stop believing that White people are racist?)

**As I type this sentence, the polls have closed in California.  As soon as they called Virginia, I knew that Obama would be president.  Now it’s pretty much official, since they can call California for Obama.**




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