Posted by: Christine Johnson | November 24, 2008

Random Book Fact Meme

I’m swamped with work, cleaning, laundry, and holiday preparations.  So what do I do?

Play along with Christina’s meme!
Seven random or weird book facts about myself:
  1. Our family’s general “reading at the table” rule is that as long as we all agree to read, we do it.  Not usually at dinner, but very often at breakfast and lunch.  Travel Man and I love to read so much that we just couldn’t bar reading from the table completely.
  2. I was a reading snob as a child.  I wouldn’t read anything that looked like a “baby book.”  Consquently, despite my librarian’s recommendation in the fourth grade, I put off reading books like The Great Gilly Hopkins until college, when I was studying for my education degree.  Mrs. Z. was right.  I would have loved that book at that age.
  3. I first read Shakespeare in seventh grade, when our English class read Midsummer Night’s Dream, and I would read lots of his plays for fun.  And now our family has taken to reading Shakespeare together.  We’ve read two plays and will gear up for another after Christmas.  I’m having the best time acting it all out!
  4. I cannot resist book sales at the library.  I will buy classics whenever I see them, regardless of whether or not I already own a copy.  I think I’m up to two or three copies of Tom Sawyer, at least two Huck Finns, and a couple of copies of Peter Pan.  Apparently, I’ve also picked up at least one copy of Robinson Crusoe, according to Big Girl, who told me it was good.  Oh, and she read Little Women, which I didn’t remember buying, either.  At ten and twenty-five cents per book, who wouldn’t get those??
  5. I cry every time I read Winnie the Pooh’s last chapter.  Without fail.  
  6. Ditto with The Velveteen Rabbit.  (The girls aren’t shocked by this any more.)
  7. Whenever I sell a book on eBay (hey, money has been very tight at times), I feel guilty, almost like I’m selling a child or something.  I’ve sold a couple of books that I regret selling.  One (Number of the Beast by Heinlen), I regretted the moment I listed it.  I am still looking for a cheap, used copy of it because I’d like to read it again.  But do we really NEED three copies of Tom Sawyer?  Even if there are four people in the family?
Okay, I am supposed to tag people, but I honestly don’t have time to even think about it.  I have got to drive across town to buy candles for Advent (I don’t think that Jan can get them here quick enough) and still get back for Little Girl’s ballet class.
So, if you want to play, please leave a link to your post about seven strange and random book facts about yourself in the com boxes.  🙂



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