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Keeping Tabs on the Enemy

This popped up on my Yahoo alerts:

Let’s take a look-see, shall we?  I mean, we have more than half of self-proclaimed Catholics voting for this guy, who is supposed to be doing lots to reduce abortion and is supposed to be so much more Pro Life than McCain is (and McCain is not perfect in this at all, and I considered my vote for him one for the lesser of two evils).  Let’s see what the Vox Nova type Catholics have helped accomplish (my comments are in bold red typeface):
7 Things Obama’s Win Could Mean for Women’s Health

Monday, November 10th 2008, 12:00 AM

Women’s health activists [read: Pro Abortion advocates] are fist-bumping each other over Obama’s slam-dunk win, and they’re hoping that he’ll reverse some of the policies put in place by Bush. Yesterday, I had a chance to catch up with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards in between her strategy meetings and blogging for the Huffington Post. She predicted seven things that would change in the new administration.

1. No more federal funds for abstinence-only education. Two years ago Obama told a conservative Christianaudience that abstinence-only education was not enough to prevent teen pregnancy and that he “respectfully but unequivocally” disagrees with those who oppose condom distribution to prevent HIV transmission, according to the reproductive health blog Reality Check. He’s also an original co-sponsor of the Prevention First Act, which mandates that all federal sex-education programs be medically accurate and include information about contraception. That legislation could be resurrected in the new Congress.  [Will that “medically accurate information” on contraception include telling girls that the Pill will abort their unborn babies and raise their risk of breast cancer?  Will they tell them that condoms have no protection for women against many kinds of STD’s like gonnerhea?  Will they discuss the emotional wreckage many girls face after engaging in extramarital sex?  Or will it be more of Planned Parenthood’s glorification of fornication in any and all combinations with any and all age groups?]

2. No more global gag rule. On Bush’s first day in office in 2001, he reinstituted the “global gag rule” that restricted federally funded health clinics in foreign countries from performing abortions or even providing referrals or medical counseling on abortion. “We think there’s going to be a change in that approach and that these clinics will be allowed once again to offer a full range of family planning services,” Richards says.  [“Family Planning Services” means “telling that stupid poor woman that her children are burdens on herself and her country.  In other words, we don’t currently fund “health clinics” that push abortion on women.  Kiss that good-bye, because it’s going to change – again – when Obama gets into office.  Bush brought back this policy – correctly named the “Mexico City Policy” – that Reagan first signed; he did so because Clinton reversed it when he came into office.  Not that clinics couldn’t promote abortion or coerce women into it, but our federal money wasn’t helping them do it.  Now they can do it with our blessing and our money.]

3. Better coverage for contraception and pregnancy. While Richards says women’s health activists had to “battle the current administration to get emergency contraception approved over the counter,” they’re now hoping that Obama’s proposed health plan will make contraception more affordable to women. It could force drug plans to cover birth control pills as they would any other drug. (Many still do not.) And it could include more comprehensive prenatal coverage; some women shell out $5,000 or more to have a baby. I’m also curious to see whether Obama reverses a Medicaid rule that last year stopped allowing discounted birth control pills to be dispensed on college campuses.  [“Battle” President Bush over EC?  I recall him signing that stupid bill to make it over the counter and telling us he approved.  It’s why I ripped my Bush ’04 sticker off my car!  And how about that line about forcing drug plans to cover birth control pills?  Can you say, “Catholic companies and the Church herself will cease offering prescription drug coverage?”  Go ahead – call our bluff.  And that $5000 to have a baby: my insurance has a $3000 deductible for bills and hospital stays.  This year, I paid $3000 for medical bills for a stay in the hospital last December.  It’s called the discount price.  My pregnancy experiences – granted, out-of-the-ordinary – cost well over $60,000 for each child, and that was seven and ten years ago.  We paid a fraction of that because of insurance.  $5000 isn’t totally out of the question for a hospital stay.  I could rant for a while on what I see wrong with insurance driving up medical costs, but I’ll save that for another post.]

4. Reversal of the “conscience” regulation that threatens women’s access to birth control. Obama will probably reverse a new rule, opposed by most medical organizations including the American Medical Association and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, that’s slated to be enacted in the next few weeks by the Department of Health and Human Services. It allows doctors and other healthcare workers to opt out of certain practices that some of them find morally objectionable–like prescribing birth control pills, inserting IUDs, or dispensing emergency contraception (a.k.a. the morning-after pill) to rape victims–without fear of losing their jobs. Read more about this here.  [There was no link, by the way, when I posted this.  Let’s just look at the language here.  This article is praising repealing a regulation that allows people to opt out of doing things that they are morally opposed to.  In short, it’s more force.  Force doctors and nurses to perform abortions.  Force pharmacists to dispense birth control.  Force people to do things they think is wrong.  Tell me again: Why am I supposed to call you Pro “Choice”?]

5. Increases in funding for reproductive health clinics serving uninsured. While Title X federal funds were recently increased for Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics, Richards hopes an Obama administration will provide further increases. “We’re currently meeting the needs of 3 million women,” she says, “but an additional 14 million who need our services aren’t getting them.”  [Oh, yes, by all means, let’s fund Planned Parenthood more than we do!  I’m already against my tax dollars going to a company that promotes masturbation, homosexuality, and birth control.  They also lie about EC, saying it only works to prevent the sperm and egg from uniting.  But they also mention to take it within 5 days.  Which means that it is working as an abortifacient, just like the Pill, which they also provide charts for using as “emergency contraception.”  The fact is, the sperm unites with the egg immediately, not within 5 days.  Well, immediately is within 5 days, but you know what I mean.  But by all means, let’s keep giving them money, and increase it so that they can continue to cover up child rape!] 

6. Fixing gender disparities in health insurance premiums. While Obama’s proposed health plan is probably a pipedream in this economic climate, it could (if ever enacted) ensure that women who buy individual policies aren’t discriminated against because of their gender. A recent analysis of 3,500 health plans from the National Women’s Law Center found that insurers charged 40-year-old women anywhere from 4 percent to 48 percent more than they charged men of the same age. “The average woman uses healthcare more because she spends an average of 5 years getting pregnant and 30 years trying not to,” explains Richards. “It’s certainly not fair that she pays more, and this is the kind of issue that Obama wants to address.”  [Um…if women’s health care is more expensive, they should pay more.  I mean, my doctor’s visits are more expensive than most of Travel Man’s because I get bloodwork done at least four times per year, plus my annual – ahem – “well-woman exam” and my other usual annuals.  So if the insurance company has to spend more on me, then I have to spend more on them.  We’re splitting the costs, right?  It’s like a smoker paying more, to use a flawed comparison.  Smokers cost more for the insurance company, so smokers pay more.  It is simple common sense.  Instead, this would make unfair increases on men for services that they do not use or need.  And I won’t even get into the Catholic view of “30 years trying not to” get pregnant.]

7. Improved access to morning after pills and abortions for U.S. military women serving overseas. Women who become pregnant while serving overseas are immediately shipped home. They aren’t allowed to get surgical abortions in military hospitals, nor do they have access to medical abortions early in the pregnancy using Mifeprex, a combination of two medications. Obama’s health plan includes coverage for abortions, and he could join with the Democrat-led Congress to enact legislation that ensures that soldiers get the same health benefits as the rest of us.  [Hooray!  More of our tax dollars dedicated to killing the unborn!  Let’s hear it for the Pro Life President Obama!  Hip, hip … ]

Are you marching this year?  Let’s see some of the Catholics who helped elect Barack Obama out there in the cold in January.  Our family will be there.  ALL of us.




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