Posted by: Christine Johnson | December 4, 2008

Bailouts and Socialism and Recessions – Oh, My!

Yahoo Finance has an article and video of doom and gloom.  Plenty of people are begging governments to get us out of trouble and avoid a recession or depression.  

I tried to comment, but I think the comment form doesn’t like Safari or something.  But I want to rant, so I’ll use my own forum.  😉
It’s not necessarily just the banks here…people have to be responsible, too. If you overextend yourself, credit-wise, then cannot pay, it’s not the bank’s fault! This is going to hurt, for sure, but maybe people will learn some lessons along the way: quit with the consumeristic lifestyle you’re trying to live! Live simply, pay cash, and stop coveting everything you lay eyes on! Our family had to wake up a year ago, and we are in far better financial shape now than we were at the beginning of ’08. Thank God we woke up and stopped charging eveything and created a budget to live within our means, or we’d be completely sunk at this point.  

Government can’t fix this without hurting more people and dragging us all into the mud by pillaging our wallets. Some businesses that have been running poorly will have to fail. But to continue to use our money (taxpayer’s money) is not going to solve anything. People (and the government) need to learn to live within their means.  

Here’s an idea. Let’s stop paying Congressmen salaries. Give them per diem for hotel rooms and meals while they are in session. Then let them work in their home states, the way it used to be. Then if they want to bail anyone out, they can use the money saved to do it.

And that’s all I have to say about that for now.


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