Posted by: Christine Johnson | December 11, 2008

"I Feel Happy …" *

I was tagged a while back for a meme about what makes me happy.  (Thanks, Ebeth!)

Rules are as such:
Post six things that make me happy and tag others.  
Here’s my list:
  1. My family.  When my husband looks at me, I get all shivery inside.  In fact, we were sending IM’s while working one day, and I closed the chat window because I thought he was away from his desk.  Suddenly, a new message popped up from him and I got all squishy inside – just like when we were first together!  *sigh*  Likewise, there are times that I get so emotional just watching my girls play together that I just want to squeeze them forever!  God has truly blessed me!
  2. Advent and Christmas.  Advent is supposed to be penitential.  And I really do try to examine my conscience more at this time.  But we also do a Jesse Tree, and I get so happy and excited reading about the coming of Christ that I overflow with happiness!  Gaudette Sunday is my favorite, because we save decorating the tree full-out until then.  (That means this weekend is the weekend!)  But I love the lights, the music, the good cheer…  And I love all the Nativities that are out, even at the Protestant churches who usually pooh-pooh such things as statues of our beloved family in Heaven.  😉  No offense, guys, I’m happy – really happy – to see you put out the Blessed Virgin and Good Saint Joseph on the lawn!
  3. Finishing our monthly budget.  I still get woozy when we start out, but it’s so quick now (less bills to pay), and we have money left for once!  Consider that a year ago today, I was suicidal because of my debts and the fact that I was not telling Travel Man my woes.  This year, we’ve whipped ourselves into shape so that the budget meetings that we have monthly are not painful or scary.  It’s wonderful, and we owe a lot to friends of Travel Man who gave us that Dave Ramsey book (The Total Money Makeover).  For more information, please click over to the blog and check out the sidebar: look for the “Starve Your Cheetah” button.  It has totally changed our lives, and the stress we used to feel when paying bills is virtually gone.  
  4. Really, this list is not in order of importance, or this would be number one.  I love, Love, LOVE being Catholic.  There is nowhere else I can go to receive my Lord and Savior on such a personal and deep level as in the Catholic Church.  When I watch our pastor during the Consecration at Mass and realize that he is doing what has been done for nearly 2,000 years – that we have an unbroken line of succession in ordinations reaching back to Saint Peter being ordained by Christ Himself! – I am in total awe.  It totally blows my mind.  And I love it.  I’ll never, never, never leave the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church that Christ founded.
  5. Sunshowers.  How does God do that!?  Sunshine and rain at the same time!?  *sigh*  They never fail to make me smile.
  6. Homeschooling the girls.  The one thing I loved most when I was teaching in public school was that look of realization – the moment the lightbulb came on, and you knew that the child understood a concept that she’d struggled with.  I get to witness that with my girls.  And I love that I’m able to watch them grow in faith and stature and knowledge.  The things they are interested in are so much more than they’d get to learn about if they were in “normal” school.  How many second and fifth grade children would ask to learn about Ancient Rome and the time of Christ?  I’ve got requests to study Ancient cultures, World Wars I and II, the Civil War, electricity, weather, and more.  I love that I can help them discover the world around them.  Such a blessing!
I have been so crazy busy lately that I’m not sure who to tag.  How about this?  If you feel happy today, write your list, then link to it in my com boxes so we can read along.  

* Quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (scroll WAAAY down, and beware “naughty” quotes, or watch below – language alert there, too, just at the end)


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