Posted by: Christine Johnson | December 29, 2008

Budgets and Socialism and Ideas

We have a federal government, and each state has its own government.  This is mandaed in the United States Constitution.  The state governments are supposed to have separate budgets.  And yet, states are now asking the feds to bail them out of budgetary problems.  

And it can’t POSSIBLY be Constitutional.
Of course, who gives a rip about that anymore, right?
And, in case you missed it, let me remind you:
The government has no money.  They only get money by taking it away from you.  
I’m sick and tired of companies that can’t manage their finances getting MORE money from my pocket while I have to contend with my own budgetary constraints.  If I run out of “blow” money before the end of the month, I don’t go get money from my neighbor so I can eat out when I’m not in the mood to cook.  If I don’t have the money for a new toy, I have to wait.  The government ought to be able to do the same.  
I have a great way to cut government spending, and I’ll admit that Travel Man started this brainstorm.
Let’s stop paying Congressmen.  They need to be paid a small stipend to get a suite at La Quinta while they are in DC while Congress is in session, plus a daily per diem of – oh, let’s be generious – $100 for meals.  Travel expenses – come in coach or on the train – will be reimbursed.  No salary.  No medical insurance.  No private planes or paid-for trips to other countries to make yourselves look important.  
Oh, congressmen need to feed the family?  Yeah, me too. 
If your job in your home state does not offer health benefits, go out and purchase your own.  Lots of Americans do that.  (Travel Man and I did when we were first married.  At the time, his employer did not offer benefits like that.)
Worried about retirement?  
INVEST ON YOUR OWN.  It’s called 401(k), people.  Or, maybe since you’d still be part of the government, you could go 403(b).  
In short, be a normal American.
And, my theory on this is this: 
If this is what the job of congressman looks like, few people will need term limits to make them give it up after a while.  And you might actually see more people who are interested in helping America instead of being interested in gaining personal power and wealth.



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