Posted by: Christine Johnson | December 31, 2008

Can He Call Himself That?

I am continually amazed at the names that Blacks call themselves.  I wouldn’t DREAM of calling someone a n*****, and yet the word litters rap “music” and the vernacular of Black men.  And today, courtesy of Jonah Goldberg, I learn that there is a rap “artist” who calls himself “Bigg Jigg.”

Seriously, people.  If I called a Black guy a Jig, I’d be a horrible person.  And yet he willingly takes that moniker for himself?  
Why do people continually degrade themselves?

Funny side story, by the way.  After the Baptism/Confirmation we attended on Sunday, Travel Man gassed up the Soccer Mobile.  While we waited, snug and warm in the car, some kid had obnoxiously loud rap music playing.  At one point, after about three minutes of the “tickaticka THUD THUD tickaticka THUD THUD” and some other various noises, Little Girl asked me, “Mommy, what’s that noise?”

“That is rap music, honey.”
“Oh.  Okay.”  She seemed uterrly unconvinced that it could be classified as music, though.


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