Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 14, 2009

First Amendment? Who Needs That?

Elena points out today that Carol Marin has admitted that most of the press corps for president-elect Obama don’t even bother raising their hands to ask him questions now.  Why is that?  Because he’s pre-selecting who asks questions, and won’t call on anyone else.

And they put up with it?
Where is the outcry?  Sarah Palin wasn’t made available enough to the press, and we never heard the end of it.  Barack Obama flat-out won’t let some reporters ask questions, preferring to hand-pick which ones get to “question” him (if you can call the softball queries on the BCS that), and no one says a word, except for Marin, who mentions it in an almost passing sort of way.

Yeah, who needs that First Amendment, anyway?  Stupid freedom of religion was always getting in the way, anyhow.




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