Posted by: Christine Johnson | January 27, 2009

Our Tax Dollars at Work

Already, one week into his administration, President Obama has undone a lot of good that President Bush did.  We’ve got a radically pro-abortion president, folks.  He’s reversed the Mexico City policy.  He’s pushing birth control and abortion in the “stimulus” bill.  And he’s now supporting the UNFPA, an organization that the US stopped funding because it works to help China’s one-child policy be enforced.  That means forced abortions.

So, thanks to our new president, we can hear more stories like this one, featured in The Corner earlier this month:

The Right to Choose

By Mark Steyn

This is a helluva story on some of the grislier consequences on the ChiComs’ (demographically disastrous) one-child laws:

A court in central China has sentenced a woman to death for hiring someone to strangle her 9-year-old son so she could have another child with her new husband without violating population laws, a court official and reports said Friday.

And this next sentence is headspinning:

Li initially received a death sentence suspended for two years because she had suffered from depression after having two abortions due to the rules against her bearing another child, the reports said. Such sentences are often commuted to life in prison. But the higher court found that her depression was not directly related to her crime.

Ah. As a reader adds:

So, let’s see. This woman is to be put to death, because she paid someone to strangle her nine year old son, by a state that forced her to abort her other pregnancies. It’s hard to be shocked at the heartlessness and depravity of someone forced to live in a society in which heartlessness and moral depravity have the force of law.

Thanks.  Glad to see that he’s so concerned with reducing abortions.  Great job, progressive Catholics.  Because defending yourself against a group that bombs synagogues during Torah dedication rites and schools where children are trying to learn and shopping centers where you’re trying to shop for groceries…that’s at least as bad, if not worse, than paying for the intrinsically evil act of abortion.  
And, no, I’m not at all “gleeful” that the president keeps on rolling out the abortion policies on us.  I’m appalled that it is even worse than I thought it would be.  And I continue to pray for his conversion.  But I can also say unequivocally that abortion is wrong, and it’s wrong to use our money to pay for it or even to give it to groups that promote it here or overseas.




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