Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 19, 2009

Bills of Attainer, Ex Post Facto, and Impairing the Obligation of Contracts

The Raving Theist discusses Congress’ shredding of the Constitution with HR 1586.  My Congressional representative voted in favor of this (as did ALL of Virginia’s reps, Republicans included).  So I’m shooting this email off to him, as well as to the GOP rep from my neighboring district.  I’ll also be emailing a similar letter to my senators to urge them to vote against the bill when it comes up in the Senate.

I am writing to express deep disappointment in your “aye” vote in favor of HR 1586, which acts as a bill of attainer. Such action is expressly prohibited by the United States Constitution, Article I, Section 9. The bailout bill that you also voted in favor of contained a clause that allowed AIG and other banks to leave bonuses in tact and to sign contracts with their employees. The Constitution also explicitly states that we, as citizens, have the right to enter into and keep contracts without government interference. (This can be found in Aritlce I, Section 10 of the Constitution.) This bill is also ex post facto, which is also unconstitutional. I am very upset that you are disregarding the Constitution on these kinds of bills, and I ask that you refrain from voting in favor of such bills in the future.

Wondering where I got that information?  Here.  And see how your representative voted here.



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