Posted by: Christine Johnson | April 16, 2009

"Anti-Obama, Anti-CNN, Promoted by the Right-Wing Fox News"

The Corner discussed the hack job CNN did on the Tea Party in Chicago, complete with condescension and cutting people off mid-sentence as soon as they started making a good point.  Here’s a neat video that shows what someone else did AFTER the lousy job Susan Roesgen did on-air.  I love when she asks the woman, “What group are you with?” as if no one just wanted to go and be involved.  As if we’re all puppets.  I have some descriptive words I’d use for Susan, but they’re just not polite, so I will refrain.  Use your imagination, though, and realize that I used to cuss like a sailor before I was a teacher.
And, by the way, Fox didn’t promote it as much as report on it.  It was a big deal, folks!  Protests in ALL 50 states on the same day?  Seriously, how is that not a big story?




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