Posted by: Christine Johnson | April 16, 2009

TEA’d Off!

I wanted to go to the TEA Party in my area today, but a sudden migraine prevented the girls and I from attending.  They were iffy about it until I explained what a deficit is (the government spends more money than they collect in taxes), that President Obama doubled an already-too-big deficit and then said he’d halve it in five years (which is when Big Girl will be able to get a job and pay taxes), and that Little Girl would also pay taxes to help pay it off when SHE starts working in eight years.

That ticked them off.
“I have an idea,” piped up Big Girl.  “How about the president gets a job and pays off his own debt?”  (Girls have the Dave Ramsey Fever!)
So they were ready to go, until I got sick enough to drop a shift about two minutes before I was supposed to start working it.  And then I slept on the couch for two hours while they watched Babe.  When I woke up, I was still a little woozy, but at least I didn’t feel like I was going to vomit any more.
So I watched to see what the news had to say.
Fox presented it in a positive light.  I know that some people say Fox is right-wing, but I heard plenty of Lefties on the shows today (as well as the week leading up to the protests) talking about how this is not really a movement, or it might not be, or that if we want to have lower taxes, we need to cut spending (duh, that is the point!).  Of course, the spending that woman talked about was Medicare, Social Security, etc.  Not the Department of Education or any of the billions in pork spending on stuff like research on cow farts.  Or embryonic stem cell research.  Or funding for Planned Parenthood – a company that, despite its “non-profit” status, turns a huge profit annually. 
Anyway, overall, Fox was ON THE SCENE of several of the bigger parties, showing sweeping shots of the crowds.  Interviewing people.  Regular people who got together, brought their kids, made their own signs, and were just ticked off.  Those folks talked about cutting spending, stopping wastefulness, etc.  (Let’s see if it sticks come election time, though.)
CNN and the NBC networks were more condescending.  No one actually AT the scene reporting, just some tight shots of a few people at a couple of the rallies.  Most of the people they chose to show were ones who were dressed in costumes, as if to say, “See? Nutcases.”  Nancy Pelosi had the audacity to say this wasn’t truly grassroots, that it’s an “astroturf” movement.  On “The Ed Show” on HLN (Headline News), they openly laughed, and Democrats (the only ones interviews on CNN and NBC networks) said that this was a Republican movement; it’s all knee-jerk anti-Obama reaction.  (Huh.  I could say, “Takes one to know one,” but let’s not go there right now.”
On the other hand, Republicans on Fox (really, Fox was the only one I saw interviewing people from both parties) made this sound like it was all because of Obama.
Let me tell you something:
It’s not either.  
It’s not about hating the Democrats.  It’s not organized by high-level Republicans.  It’s not an “astroturf” movement.  
It’s normal people who are tired of being told that we need to give more so that the government can take more of our money so they can waste it.  People who don’t want the government to saddle our children and grandchildren with debts to China and India.  People who don’t want to see bailouts so large that they could pay off more than 90% of the mortgages in the nation!
So let’s get it straight.
Republican leaders: It’s not about Obama.  Well, not ALL about him.  It’s about YOU, too.  We’re sick of you talking sweet to us and then stabbing us in the back at a moment’s notice for political expediency.  We’re tired of being treated like an abused wife, expected to come back time and again because you promise something you have no intention of delivering.
And Democratic leaders: It’s not coming from the top of the GOP.  We’re pissed off at THEM, too.  And trust me, plenty of people aren’t particularly happy that you’re giving our money (and our children’s money) away to failing companies.  They couldn’t manage their money, so let’s give them MORE money that isn’t even theirs so they can fail to manage THAT, too!?  What sense does that make??
Look, I have to live within my means.  I don’t see why the government shouldn’t have to do the same.
Let’s start with Congress’ salaries.  Give them a travel stipend and reimburse them for hotel rooms for the time they have to be in session.  Make ’em stay at Comfort Inn and Suites – they would even get free breakfast there!  Make ’em travel business class!  But also make them get actual jobs.  For some of them it would be their first.  Let them get their OWN benefits, through employers or on their own, just like a regular person.  Let them see how a real American lives.  
I sure hope I can get to the next Tea Party.  If there’s another in our area, we’ll go for sure.
Side note: If you went to a Tea Party in your area and have a post and/or pictures, leave a link in the com boxes.




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