Posted by: Christine Johnson | June 26, 2009

For Power, not the People

More proof that Congressmen are much more concerned with having power rather than doing their jobs of representing the people in their district:

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Basically, some Democrats want to vote for this bill, but for political reasons, they have to vote against it.  You see, how can they keep those schmucks at home voting for them if they vote for a bill that will cripple their local districts’ economies?  And all this is happening behind closed doors, this wheeling and dealing.  You might have 72 hours to read the bill, if you jumped online quickly, but you’d have to get through more than 1,200 pages of garbage in that time.  If you read constantly, that means you’d have to read 17 pages of legalese each hour, non-stop.  
If you sleep 8 hours a day, that means it’s your responsibility to read 25 pages each hour.  (That’s if you take out 24 hours for sleep over three days.)
If you also work 8 hours each of those days, then you would have to read 50 pages of the bill per hour.  
This, naturally, does not account for bathroom breaks, commuting, conversation with the family, Tweeting, or Facebooking.  Oh, and it assumes you are eating in front of the computer and did not have to cook anything.
Of course, if you did that, you’d probably have done more than Congress.




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