Posted by: Christine Johnson | July 27, 2009

Cult of Victimhood

I’ve really been enjoying American Thinker these days.  They’ve got some very good commentary, and the whole bait-and-switch racism story (for that’s why I think the point was of the president commenting on the non-story of Gates and the police – a way to distract us from Congress shoving that horrid healthcare bill down our throats) is no exception.  Behold, one of the latest articles on Professor Gates of Hah-vahd.

American Thinker: Impersonating a Victim

Here’s what I consider to be the priceless gem from the article:
“We have now all heard the verbal abuse Gates hurled at the officer — who was called to protect his property.  Gates theatrical reaction to the situation: ‘This is what happens to a black man in America!’  What?  Returning to your posh residence from your trip to China and having a neighbor look out for you by reporting suspicious behavior in your upper-crusty neighborhood and having a white public servant come check on your place for you — is that what ‘happens’ to you in America, Dr. Gates?  Swing low sweet chariot.”



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