Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 5, 2009

Entrepreneurial Idea

Travel Man and I were talking about these companies that sell carbon offsets.  Basically, it’s “we’ll plant trees for you.”

Well, we’ve got an idea.  
We want to start one of these businesses.  We’ll plant trees on our property, and then purchase more land to plant more trees.  And we can offer to offset the carbon footprints of guilt-ridden greenies.  
Heck, I can offer to plant three trees to offset your carbon right now.  You just send me $2000, and I’ll even take a picture of your special trees and send you email updates on how big they’re getting, including notes on how many birdies are making nests in your tree, how many squirrels are climbing it, and how many of the local deer are nibbling the lower leaves.  (Oh, we’ll do our best to protect the tree from the deer when it’s young, though!)
My carbon offsets will be lower priced than anyone else’s, and if you need more than three trees, we can negotiate a price for a larger amount.  
Anyone want to go in with us?  


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