Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 5, 2009

Rising Costs to Provide Electricity &#x2260 Rising Cost to Pay for Said Electricity

I’m not for increases in my electric bill, but this kind of action makes me believe (even more than usual) that the government is TRYING to drive private companies out of business with excessive restrictions and fees so they (the Man, as it were) can take over.

The Cap and Trade bill is going to the price of energy go up because it will drive up the costs of electricity in general.  And yet, the government steps in and tells private electric companies that they cannot recoup their costs?  

It’s like some kind of conspiracy against private ownership, and it’s not particular to Obama’s people.  This kind of thing happened with the gas company a couple of years ago, too.  They needed to raise their rates to cover rising costs and were nailed for doing so.  
Again, I’m not for being taken advantage of, but I understand that if it’s more expensive for a company to provide me with goods or services, my prices will likely go up with their costs.  This kind of regulation can hamstring a business, and it puts the government in the position of power in which they can determine the income of private individuals.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that the government shouldn’t be in the business of limiting people’s incomes.


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