Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 6, 2009

Name Your Price to Name My Baby

When I went to this story, I had the thought, “Gee, I wish I had the money to help.  I’d at least name him something normal!”
After reading this article, I have different thoughts.  First of all, I have no problem whatsoever that this family has six children with one on the way.  Let’s be clear about that right up front.  Their family is wealthy beyond measure in what really counts.  And God bless them for welcoming all that beautiful life into their family.
But I noticed a couple of things here that are not good.  First of all, her husband, a Navy sailor, didn’t know she was doing this.  Talk about a crushing blow to his manhood!  “Honey, I’m selling our baby’s naming rights, and you didn’t have a say.”  Husband is probably already feeling kind of bad about their financial bind as it is, and this isn’t going to help anything.
Second, I noticed this little paragraph here:
Drummond said she recently enrolled in South Arkansas Community College in hopes of earning a degree in radiology, but right now her financial woes are so severe that she barely has money to buy diapers or clothing for her young children. She said the only government assistance she receives is food stamps.
Excuse me, but I think that if you are having trouble buying diapers or clothes for the younger kids, you shouldn’t be enrolling yourself in college.  An exception would be a situation where she’s got tuition and books being paid for outright, but still…if you haven’t got money for the basics, spending extra on your education isn’t a good idea.  Basics first.  
This family might need the Total Money Makeover, you know what I mean?


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