Posted by: Christine Johnson | August 26, 2009

Fair and Balanced Discussion of Kennedy’s Death

When I heard this morning that Ted Kennedy died, I prayed for his soul. I knew it wouldn’t be long; he and my aunt had the same kind of cancer, it seems. At the very least, the onset and symptoms were very similar. I’ve been praying for him whenever I thought of him since it was announced that he had cancer.
Anyone who reads this blog for even one day would know what I think of most of Kennedy’s political policies, but that is not for today. Today, he died. Someone’s dad. Someone’s husband. Someone’s uncle, grandpa, brother, cousin.
A man.
A man who has now faced his Judgement, and whose soul needs prayers.
As usual, the Anchoress gives a phenomenal summary of this event, and I think my favorite part is this:

“Some will focus on his personal sins -the assumed repentance or lack of same (of which they will likely have no real knowledge, just hunches) and some will presume to know the state of his soul, but those will be the inveterates, working from long-habit. Most Christians will, I think, understand that “the favors of the Lord are not exhausted, his mercies not over and done” and will simply pray in hopes that Kennedy had made a contrite and humble confession of his failings and sins.

Others, of course, will suggest that Kennedy’s pro-abortion positions, in and of themselves, should damn him forever in the eyes of God.

Thankfully, God knows more, and sees more, than the rest of us, because eventually we’ll all need to count on his mercy, as we face his justice. For all that we know of Kennedy, there is much we do not know.”

Go ahead and click through to read the rest.



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