Posted by: Christine Johnson | February 12, 2010

I Wish Him Well

Patrick Kennedy will not seek re-election. And Kathryn Jean Lopez (of NRO) points out some really poignant things Kennedy said in an interview with the Boston Herald.

People and Politics:

“Some beautiful, humble words from Patrick Kennedy, via the Boston Herald:

“I can’t imagine if I had a year to live and I didn’t have kids. All the legislative accomplishments in the world wouldn’t matter,” Kennedy said. . .
“I’ll never forget what he said to me (in late summer, 2008.) He said, ‘Can you stay at the house with me and just clear your schedule,’ ” Kennedy said. “We had a couple of weeks. I’ll never forget it for the rest of my life. His just asking me to be there was the greatest gift he ever gave me in his life.”
Kennedy told the magazine he is not sure what’s next for him, but he wants to model the next chapter of his life after his late aunt, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, who founded the Special Olympics. Shriver died shortly before her younger brother, Ted, last August. . . .
Kennedy added: “There’s a hole in the soul that we all try to fill, sometimes with the wrong things, like booze or drugs. Society would tell us to fill it with consumerism. But its only really filled through love and service, by serving a high purpose. By doing God’s will.”

I wish him well, and I pray he develops a strong relationship with God and His Church.


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