Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 18, 2010

Property You Aren’t Allowed to Change

This caught my eye, if only because it shows how difficult it is to do any kind of property changes in California (which helps drive up property costs). Steve Job managed to get permission to tear down a house he’s owned for about 26 years – and he did it in only 6 years, which shows that the man’s got connections, if you ask me.

The court has agreed with Jobs again and he has been given permission to apply for a demolition permit. Woodside officials will need time to review the permit application and said that Jobs would be required to save objects of historic interest from the mansion and turn them over to the city. In the mean time, Save Our Heritage is considering appealing this latest ruling but hopes that Jobs will accept a new offer from a couple who have proposed that he dismantle the mansion and rebuild it on their property two miles away.

Think they’ll pay the homeowner for the property he has to hand over to them? I mean, it’s so valuable that it’s GOT to be saved, man! Oh, wait. It’s California, land of “IOU Your Tax Refund.”
Here’s the link to the full story:


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