Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 23, 2010

Thoughts While Watching the Health Care Bill Signing

Just some notes I took while the signing was going on. First, it wasn’t a note, but the signing seemed more like a pep rally (and good Lord, he’s going to go out and campaign MORE to try to convince us we should like this) than anything else. I don’t watch signings often, even when Bush was in office. Anyone remember one as uncouth as this going on in the past? (Please do tell in the comboxes!) I thought it was completely undignified, F-Bomb or no.

  • “Fundamentally Transform” and that they love the country so much so they have to change it. Um, I was told when I was a girl that if you love someone, you love him for who he is, not what you can make him. This makes me sad. America didn’t need a Fundamental Transformation. Maybe some sprucing up, but I’ve always thought we were the best place to be: the free-est, most able to allow for success in the world. This bill kills that.
  • “They didn’t play to the polls.” The president said this when speaking about Pelosi and Reid. I thought this was quite telling. First off, when President Bush did this, he was evil, not listening to people, etc. But he wasn’t writing legislation; he was fighting a war. Whether you agree we should have gone to war in Iraq or not, once there our mission should be to win honorably. But Pelosi and Reid…they were elected by people to whom they are responsible. Same for all of Congress. Poll after poll showed that the majority of Americans did NOT want this bill passed, and yet they continued. This is not just “not playing to the polls,” but is ignoring your constituents – also known as the people who hired you. When you don’t listen to your boss in the real world, you get fired. Let’s see if people remember what was done to them (not for them) this month when election time rolls around.
  • Insurance rates: down? The president seems to think that insurance rates will fall. Well, sure maybe for HIM, since he’s a smoker, but for those of us who have been getting discounts for being non-smokers, rates will increase. Under this new bill law, it’s illegal for insurance companies to discount more heavily for people who work to stay in shape, lose weight when necessary, and don’t smoke. Now they’ve got to make it all even, and my rates will be going up to compensate for the people who smoke and drink and eat poorly.
  • Natoma, again! He brought her up as an example, but at least he didn’t specifically say she was going to lose her house. Cleveland Clinic, where she’s receiving some of the best care in the country, is giving her cancer treatments for free. They aren’t saddling her with horrible bills. They are not going to foreclose on her house. They are not denying her treatments despite her lack of health insurance or money. Disingenuous, to say the least, especially since he said on more than one occasion she was in danger of losing her home.
  • Kennedy card played. I do pray for his soul, but I am sure Kennedy is sorry for his role in making this bill come to pass, especially because it now enshrines abortion as a taxpayer-funded right. And now, with the “Catholic” Nancy Pelosi standing there applauding behind the president as he signs this bill into law and Bart Stupak (another so-called pro-life Catholic who ignored his bishops’ advice), I’ve got plenty of new people to pray for. It’s a sad thing when people who publicly call themselves Catholic try so hard to undermine the Church. Hint: It can’t be done. You won’t win in this life with that kind of agenda, and you certainly will regret it in the next life.
  • “Core Principal” Where in the Constitution is that? I recall “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” in there. This law will help pay for the taking of life, it kills liberty, and promises happiness while providing none.
  • Kids as Props? I know it sounds harsh, but that boy was definitely a prop. Biden stood directly in front of him until someone moved the child in front (and next to the president), and then when the president shook his hand, he did not give him one of the special pens. (He used 22 of them to sign his name, letter by letter, on the bill.) First pen went to Pelosi. Really, if the kid meant more than a prop – someone to use for political gain – I would think he would be first to get a pen. Am I being harsh about that? Honestly, I think he should’ve gotten the first pen.
  • 11:57 AM EDT, March 23, 2010 The hour a very, very big chunk of our freedom – and a large chunk of our American exceptionalism – died. Or was killed. Take your pick.
Again, these were just some thoughts I had as I watched the signing pep rally ceremony.


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