Posted by: Christine Johnson | March 28, 2011

It Never Fails

Every time people start talking about Global Warming Climate Change, the weather gets colder.

It is currently snowing.  In Southwest Virginia.  At the end of March.

Saturday was that stupid “Earth Hour” thing. Yesterday and today it has snowed.


I think NOT!

(Extra bonus: Every evening hour is Earth Hour in North Korea!)

Satellite Image of Korea


  1. […] is wierd I just uploaded that Snow Day video and tagged it.  Then YouTube offered some suggestions for other tags to use.  Check it out: […]

  2. I blame Earth Hour too. We have had 80 degrees here in Tx for the last two weeks and yesterday, we froze our buns off on the way to Mass!!! I turned the heat back on~ I haven’t had the heat on in almost a month!! I want my Spring back!


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