About Me

My name is Christine, and I’m a cradle Catholic who did a bit of wandering about (though never officially leaving the Church) before discovering the beauty of the Catholic Church.  I have a blog that is more family-centered – it focuses on my vocation as wife, mother, and homeschooler – but this is my place to vent on politics and current events.  I might go quiet for a while, but I’m sure to eventually get back to ranting here, too.

I tend to be conservative, and though I’m registered as a Republican, I am first and foremost Catholic.  So when the GOP is at odds with my Faith, God will win.  It’s not always an easy choice, but it’s one I strive to make.  In general, I’m pro-life, believe the death penalty shouldn’t be used in most cases, think that people should be taught to care for themselves, and know that the family is the basic building block of our civilization.  Protecting marriage and family are paramount, for without these basics we are lost.

We’ll never have a perfect society.  We’ll never cure all illnesses or problems.  Government can’t do it, and the closest we’ll come to it is if people up and help others.  The only One who can create a perfect society is God, and He isn’t doing that until the end of time.  Until then, we’re called to be compassionate and loving, to care for the weak and oppressed, and to put ourselves after God and others.  We’re called to sacrifice; this is something that isn’t looked upon with excitement, but it’s key to real joy.

I have a Twitter feed (which may or may not go dead during Lent, depending on how crazy I’ve been about it), and you can follow me there at CatholicMomVA.  I do love to block and report spammers.  I do not necessarily follow everyone who follows me (sorry), but I do try to be nice.  And sometimes, all I need is 140 characters to rant.

Enjoy the blog, and understand that my life and attitudes tend to grow and change as I grow in spiritual maturity.  Just because I posted something three years ago doesn’t mean that it’s exactly how I see it now.  On the other hand, ethics and morals aren’t something that lightly change.  If I change, I try to do so in order to be more in line with Catholic teachings.  So if you see something weird, it might be that I was less mature at the time.  Check out more recent posts if you want a good idea of who I am.

God bless you!

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